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Composite Roofing tile  installed on
$350k & $3,500.00 mil homes!

"Thank you so much! Excellent job. I will certainly recommend you." 

Wendy and Moses

"Thanks for the new roof, looks great!"

Rick Mann

"Thanks again! Your company did such a wonderful job! I can now breathe easier. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone." 

Christina Vance

"Thanks for such a great job! We feel so secure under our roof. It rained the next couple of days. We just went around smiling smugly to each other. So lucky – thanks!"

Jean Worth

"Thanks REST team for your service. The roof looks good." 


"Thanks – the roof looks great."

Bill & Betty

"So very happy that I chose RES, Deborah. She is the best. Made the whole repair of my property without hardly bothering me. Wow. Thanks."

Eirlys Kunn

"They were responsive and took care cleaning up. I would recommend them to everyone."

Dennis W. Peters

It was a pleasure working with Deborah she is so sweet, highly knowledgeable, great communicator and always responded to us in a quick manner. We would definitely use Debra REST in the future and highly recommend her to do their roof and repairs. 

Sara Fullerton

Deborah was a great negotiator when it came to dealing with our insurance adjuster. They only wanted to pay for half of the cost to replace our roof. Until Deborah got on their case. She definitely knows what she’s doing. 

Jack Murphy

The roofing project went very well. Deborah quoted 4 days to completion, but it only took 3 days and one day was a rainout. I was very pleased. The cleanup went very well. No nails in my drive or yard. NO HASSLE She will get the best deal for you and fight for your dollar like there is no tomorrow! 

Rick Manning

Very Professional, great personality, love her get up and go and would definitely work with her again and recommend her to replace your roof. 

Debbie & Sheldon


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