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Hail and Wind damage is the primary cause of roof damage. Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles occurs when the shingle suffers granule loss or bruising of the matting. Exposing the organic base center to ultraviolet rays can cause further deterioration of the material, shortening the life. Wind damage will cause the shingle to break the original seal of the shingle. Many homeowners think if the shingle is not missing that they do not have wind damage. This is not the case. Therefore, be sure to have one of our experienced technicians give you your free assessment.

Storm Damage that goes undetected can cause the roof to leak and possibly cause more damage in the future. Even if you are not experiencing leaks right now, you could still have significant storm damage that you are not aware of. It must be identified and addressed promptly to avoid future problems.

I can't see damage, so it's probably not worth the effort.

I don't see any missing shingles and my roof isn't leaking, so I must not have damage.

My roof is fairly new, so I don't need to call about hail damage.

I'm worried that my homeowner's insurance premium might go up if I file a claim.

RES Roofing & GC can give you a detailed estimate of the cost to repair your roof, but your insurance may cover additional damage resulting from hail storms. As soon as possible after a hailstorm, walk around outside with a pad and pen and make notes of storm damage. Log the date and time and make your notes as detailed as possible.


  • Did you lose power? Did you have to throw away food in the refrigerator/freezer?

  • Torn screens?

  • Gutters - are they dimpled, broken, split apart at seams?

  • Siding - dimpled, torn, hanging loose?

  • Garage door - dimpled?

  • Windows - damaged or broken?

  • Skylights - damages, broken or leaking?

  • Condition of furniture and fixtures on patios, porches, decks?

  • Damage to exterior lighting fixtures?

  • Is damage visible on your A/C condensing unit?

  • Check swimming pools, swing sets, fences and all outside decorative items for damage

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