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Composite Roofing tile being one of the best composite and the most authentic looking composite (recycle-able) tiles on the market. Composite roofing products are instrumental in keeping waste out of landfills. Composite Old World Spanish, Composite Shake, Composite Old World Slate and Composite Slate combine the best of all worlds. These products are not only environmentally friendly, they offer the realistic, natural appearance of slate, shake and clay tile without the extreme weight, making Composite products easier and less costly to install.

Composite Tile offer four lightweight composite roofing products. Our barrel tile, shake roofing and slate roofing designs will "top off" the beauty of your home with a roof worthy of attention. All Composite roof tile are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and our 50 year limited warranty will ensure that your new Composite roof will last a long time. 

Other benefits of Brava roofing include:

Composite composite roofing is not only strong, but lightweight as well. Our roof tile doesn't require the special and costly truss systems needed to support concrete, slate or clay tile.

All Composite roof tile is Class 4 Impact Rated and Class A or Class C Fire Rated, meaning not only is your home safer but you may also reduce your insurance premiums.
Brava composite roofing comes in many solid and blended colors to match the look of your home. And every roof tile is colored throughout and UV protected to ensure long lasting beauty.

Composite roof tile is fully sustainable for the environmentally conscious. This "green roof" concept means that our tiles are made from recycled materials and are themselves, recyclable.

Composite Slate Roofing will rival any residential slate roof. With a striking 1" thick profile, and Brava's revolutionary multi-colored offering, Composite Bold Slate not only replicates the most expensive slate, but with its lightweight design, it is easier to install and does not require the additional structural support needed for slate's extreme weight constrictions. All this and a Class 4 hail impact rating.

Composite Shake Roofing is incredibly durable when compared to cedar shake. This durability translates into a greater longevity for residential roofing and thus eliminates the need for the costly re-roofing associated with cedar shake, which can split and rot and has a life expectancy of less than 20 years. Composite Shake is available in three widths, and varies in thickness from 5/8" to 7/8", truly replicating hand split cedar shakes. Composite Shake also carries a Class 4 hail rating.


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Composite Everything is a distributor of composite roofing tile, outdoor furniture and playground equipment.


Based in Dallas Tx. 

Serving Texas, Florida Lousiana and other southern states . Composite Everything we have aligned ourselves with the top composite building materials, manufacturers, suppliers and installers in the growing composite  industry.

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